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My name is Jake Webb and I am a young photographer based in the Salisbury area. The enjoyment of photography for me comes from the ability to freeze and capture a specific moment in time, that otherwise will just become a fleeting memory. Then being able to relive and share some of the emotions and feelings that I felt when the photograph was taken. This enjoyment began when I started to take a camera with me on family walks to the beach or in the New Forest National Park where I used to photograph everything and anything that I found of interest along the way. I then spent hours flicking through my photos, picking out my favourite shots, and to this day this is still one of my favourite things to do with my cameras.

Since then I have gradually upgraded to bigger and better cameras and lenses, and I now have a full professional set of digital and analogue equipment. I can pick and choose from these to help me create the visually stunning images both still and on video that I strive to achieve.

Another side of photography that really excites me is old style analogue and film photography. It’s the complete sense of mystery that captures my passion for it.  It’s the not knowing exactly what you have taken until your film has been processed. It’s the incredible sound when you flick the old mechanical lever to take a photograph, and that amazingly magical moment in the darkroom when out of nowhere you see the first glimpse of a photo you have taken slowly appear on the blank paper. I also love having a hard copy of my photos as I am one of the many who have fallen into the bad habit of taking amazing digital photos but leaving them to live their lives in file format, stuck on my computers hard-drive, never seeing the light of day as a picture hanging on a wall or in a book.

One of my other passions in life is traveling. I feel my second home is on the road, and I am never happier than when I am in amongst the hustle and bustle of an Indian market, haggling down the price of local spices in Jordan or sat a top a volcano in Bolivia that I have struggled to reach the top of, as the sun rises over one of the most incredible views I have seen in my life. I love completely immersing myself in new and strange cultures and witnessing some of the most beautiful places in this world. Then photographing and documenting it all, so when I return home I can show other people and make them realise and appreciate what an amazing and beautiful world we are all so lucky to live in.


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